Paper Jam: Susan and Jim are working late… again. As the layoffs mount around them and the hours grow late, these sometimes-maybe-friends enter into a fantasy duel. Will the printer’s incessant blinking lead them to interface amidst the post-it notes and laser toner cartridges of the mighty office cubicle? As Jim’s unrequited love boils to the surface, Susan is forced to confront the imperfections of her own life as she reaches out for a healing touch. Paper Jam celebrates the power of friendship as it delves into the passions lurking just below the surface of the ordinary “office” relationship. “Accessible, relevant and entertaining, Paper Jam is a great way to spend a lunch hour.” The Daily News, Halifax. “Lunch with a punch!”  The Coast, Halifax. 2001. 

Interbastation. An exploration of how we fashion the story of our lives in our thoughts. In facing a health crisis, Elizabeth imagines herself as Anne of Grimm Gables, child of Frankenstein and his patchwork wife. Interbastation, the technical word for quilting, is more than a metaphor in this comic, highly physical one-woman meditation on relationships, transformation and self-creation. “Brimming with intelligence, wit and passion.” The Georgia Straight. “A quilt that is bright, amusing and troubling.” Robert Enright, CBC. 1998.

A Brief Case of Crack Addicted Cockroaches. High farce rules apply in this comedy about the relationship between the media and politics. There’s a crack addicted town councillor, a sex addicted verbose female reporter who tries to sleep that anything that moves, and more disgruntled civil servants applying bureaucracy than you’ve ever seen before. Throw in some cockroaches that are becoming bigger every moment, and the terror begins! Couldn’t really happen, could it? Not even in Toronto? ;-). 1996.

Eye am Hear. Set in a dystopian future where everything is done through computers, the play features Tamara, a teenager who ran away to join a street gang that rejects technology. The play opens when she is kidnapped by some masked men and chained to a ceiling. Interacting through a computer screen, her captors attempt to deprogram her, to convince her of technology’s superiority. That without it, she is in fact, not even alive. Eye am Hear was written and produced in pre-internet 1992.

Wrong Exposure: Light to Dark. What is it that makes a mass murderer? Is it the fast pace of our culture? The combative media? A desire for fame? In a series of stories scenes, Russell examines why he feels to rampage, to commit the most terrifying crime one can. 1990.

Back Alley Boys. In the boozecan scene, the punks are tough and the skins want a fight. But what hides underneath those masks that they wear? As the music grumbles into the wee hours and the beer flows, only one person can diffuse the ticking time bomb of drunken testosterone. But why in the world would they listen to her? 1987.


Taking the Stage, Selections from plays by Canadian authors. Managing editor under Cynthia Zimmerman, Editor. Winner, Canadian Bookseller Association’s “Most saleable dramatic publication of the year.” 1996.

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