Manuscript reviews

“What sets Colleen apart from other reviewers is her devotion to your story as she helps to evolve your flawed first draft into a masterpiece. She poses thoughtful questions to help you re-evaluate structure, motifs, and character. If you want something much more effective than a superficial reading, I highly recommend Colleen.”

Troy Fullerton, Award-winning filmmaker

Writing workshops

“I have tried out 2 or 3 groups where someone was trying to do instruction, as you are. The others didn’t work – yours does. I doubt that I will ever again look at sentences the same way. “

“I enjoyed the concept of shaping characters and the narrative by trying to write scenes from their perspective. It’s a very sensible approach. As was the case with the previous session on sentences, I use some of what you were speaking of, but I do so more instinctively than deliberately. It’s always helpful to approach such things from an organized mind.”

Your Story From Here

Memoir writing workshop

“The sessions so far have exceeded my expectations. Friendly, open and honest, all writers learn from each other through the guidance of Colleen.”

We had so much fun.

“Colleen is not only very well-informed and experienced, but more importantly very well-prepared and organized…. Her exuberance and passion make it hard for the mind to wander away and I would recommend this class to anyone interested in any form of writing.”

Wow! Her insights are right on.

“I have been dabbling on writing a memoir for over thirty years now where my entries would generally end up in the garbage. Boring! Thanks to “Your Story” Colleen teaches it all, how to express, how to dialogue, how to structure and so much more ! Since joining the weekly workshop I do not stare at a blank page anymore but am more inspired to write like never before. Thank you Colleen!”

Colleen is Excellently Awesome!

“Colleen is a fantastic facilitator. I learned a lot and Colleen made every class fun. She also provided insightful and very helpful ideas to think about in terms of any written work submitted by myself and others in the class.”

She has a way of creating a safe space to play together.

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